Advancing Manufacturing Technology

ICEP 2015
Kyoto, Japan | April 16, 2015
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Section: Presentations & Reports

Assessment of Reliability Standards and Test Methods for Implantable Medical Devices, presented by John McNulty (Exponent, Inc.)

iNEMI 2015 Technology Roadmaps, presented by Bill Bader (iNEMI)

MEMS and Sensors for Wearable Electronics:  Packaging and Assembly Considerations, presented by E. Jan Vardaman (TechSearch International, Inc.)

Recent Trends of Package Warpage Characteristic.  Authors:  Wei Keat Loh (Intel Technology Sdn. Bhd); Ron Kulterman (Flextronics); Tim Purdie (Akrometrix LLC); Haley Fu (iNEMI); Masahiro Tsuriya (iNEMI)

     Presentation, presented by Wei Keat Loh (Intel)
     Paper, presented by Wei Keat Loh (Intel)