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BFR-Free PCB Material Evaluation Project End-of-Project Webinar
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Section: Webinars

This joint project between the Environmentally Conscious Electronics and Substrate TIGs is focused on developing guidelines for standardized materials, manufacturing, assembly, and test guidelines for bromine flame retardant (BFR)-free printed wiring boards based on market segment requirements and technical, commercial, and functional viability.

This webinar reported on testing done in the recently completed second phase of the project.  In Phase II, the group developed and implemented test plans focusing on electrical characteristics, delamination and via reliability.  They measured the broadband frequency-dependent dielectric constant and loss tangent of candidate halogen-free laminate materials (10KHz-20GHz).  The group then determined the compatibility of candidate laminate materials with higher-temperature assembly process reflow environments (mixed solder: 245°C; Pb-free: 260°C).  Throughout this process, the team considered unique market segment requirements, identified technology readiness and gaps, and stimulate supply capability.

Project participants and other iNEMI members discussed results and next steps.

Presentation:  BFR-Free PCB Material Evaluation Project, Stephen Tisdale (Intel Corporation), September 17, 2008

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