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iNEMI Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) Project Project Conclusion Webinar
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Section: Webinars

DPMO Project Background
This project was organized to produce defect rates for various package and technology types, identify "best of breed" and "average" metrics, and detail the methods used to compile the metrics so that manufacturers can measure/benchmark their own relative quality performance. With DPMO data by package and technology type, manufacturers will be able to quickly and accurately estimate manufacturing costs and delivered quality, and to make strategic decisions about investment of resources. Therefore, the project group’s objective was to provide tools that:
  • Create an effective environment to continually improve the delivered quality of manufacturing processes.
  • Assist in reducing costs of assembly, test, rework, scrap and warranty.
  • Help improve line utilization and reduce cycle time.
  • Allow manufacturers to better prioritize the deployment of constrained resources.
  • Allow manufacturers to benchmark their DPMO rates to others in the industry, regardless of board complexity.
Webinar Agenda
Tim Kruse, Plexus Corporation, Project Chair
Background & motivation
Scope of work
Database structure
Sample of results
David Mendez, Solectron Corporation, Project Co-Chair
Lessons learned
Possible future activities