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iNEMI Lead-Free Rework Optimization - Phases 1 and 2 End-of-Project Webinar
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Section: Webinars

Presentation:  Pb-Free Rework Optimization Project - Phases 1 and 2

Project Co-Chairs:
   Craig Hamilton, Celestica
   Jasbir Bath, iNEMI

This webinar will present the current status of the iNEMI Lead-Free Rework Optimization project.  The work items discussed will include, the development of a lead-free rework process to help improve rework equipment tolerances and repeatability and to optimize/reduce heat transfer into boards in order to minimize component and board temperatures.  In addition, details involved in performing solder fountain rework of DIMM and PDIP through-hole components comparing SnAgCu solder with an alternative lead-free alloy, BGA socket rework, adjacent component rework and reliability testing (IST, CAF) on 125mil (3.2mm) thick OSP iNEMI Payette test boards will be discussed.

The presentation will highlight some of the difficulties in reworking the lead-free area array packages while ensuring adjacent component temperatures were not exceeded as well as ensuring adequate through-hole solder hole-fill was achieved during solder fountain rework while reducing copper barrel dissolution.  Best practices used by the group in the development of these processes will be discussed to try and improve the rework process window.

For further information, contact:
David Godlewski
+1 717-651-0522