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iNEMI Medical Components Reliability Specifications End-of-Project Webinar
Friday, November 14, 2008
Section: Webinars

Presentation:  "Medical Components Reliability Specifications Webinar," Anthony Primavera (Boston Scientific Corporation), November 6, 2008.
The iNEMI Medical Components Reliability Specifications Project's goal was to leverage industry knowledge to create a minimum set of requirements for electronics components for application in life critical applications.  To this end, the group established a set of recommendations and standards that the electronics community would embrace for electronic medical products.
Specific deliverables included:
  • Test and Extrapolation Methodologies
  • Sampling Population Assessment
  • Range and Conditions of Applicability
  • Test Methodologies and Criteria
  • Medical Grade Guidelines  
  • FMEA of MLCC failures
  • Use Conditions for Life Critical Medical Components
  • Review of existing and related Standards and Test Methods
This webinar discussed Phase I results.
For further information, contact
David Godlewski, iNEMI