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iNEMI Medical Reliability for MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) Project End-of-Project Webinar
Saturday, April 10, 2010
Section: Webinars

Project Chair:  Jerry Peasley, Micro Systems Engineering Inc.

Presentation:  "Accelerated Test Procedures for Electronic Components Used in Active Implantable Medical Devices: Capacitors," Jerry Peasley (MSEI), Grady White (NIST), March 31, 2010

An overview of the results of this project's efforts will be covered in this webinar and is open to all iNEMI members.

This group's objective was to develop a set of recommendations and specifications that the electronics community would embrace for electronic medical products.  To this end, medical applications often require rigorous testing, verification and validation of components before use.  There are no widely accepted guidelines for the electronic component and circuit board suppliers to follow for the production of medical grade units.

The goal of this effort is, therefore, aimed at providing clarification and identification of guidelines for the industry’s supply chain for medical electronics components.  The project’s Phase I developed use conditions and supplier risks, which were evaluated against available accelerated test methodologies established in Phase II of the Project.

The group will discuss determination of accelerated life test methods of long-term leakage and break down failures of MLCCs.  Specific deliverables of Phase II include the creation of a test vehicle for use in long-term life and accelerated testing of MLCC components, testing of DOE variables at NIST Boulder, and failure analysis of test output with suppliers.

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