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Nano-Solder Project End-of-Project Webinar
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Section: Webinars

This webinar will discuss Phase I results of the Pb-Free Nano-Solder Project.  

Presentation:  Nano-Solder Project Webinar (February 4, 2009)

This iNEMI research project is investigating the application of nanotechnology to suppress Pb-free solder reflow temperature.  Nanotechnology encompasses many diverse disciplines to allow the manipulation of matter at the atomic level, enabling radical new approaches to material property enhancement and synthesis.

Phase 1
The Phase 1 goal was to research and develop a nano-solder paste that could effectively suppress the melting point temperature of Pb-free solders.

Webinar agenda:
• Nanotechnology - review
• Collaborating team members
• What is in the literature
• Basic results/observations
• Technical challenges
• Synopsis of external presentations, degrees and recognitions