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Pb-Free BGAs in SnPb Assemblies Project End-of-Project Webinar
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Section: Webinars

This project was organized to assess the process parameters for assembling Pb-free SnAgCu BGAs under the temperature constraints of a conventional tin-lead (SnPb) assembly process.  The objective was to understand the reliability of the resulting mixed-alloy solder joints.  The first phase of the project characterized the peak temperature effects on Pb-free BGAs in SnPb paste.  The second phase studied the reliability of Pb-free BGAs processed within the temperature constraints of SnPb assembly conditions.

Presentation:  The Pb-Free SnAgCu Ball Grid Array (BGA) Components in SnPb Assembly Process:  Process Characterization and Solder Joint Reliability, R. Kinyanyui (Sanmina-SCI), Q. Chu (Jabil Circuit, Inc.), October 4, 2007