Section: 5G Electronics
5G/mmWave Materials Assessment and Characterization
This project was organized to develop guidelines/best practices for a standardized measurement and test methodology for 5G/mmWave frequencies that can be shared with industry and relevant standards organizations. The project team conducted three major studies and published a report on each: (1) benchmark current industry best practices for low loss measurements, (2) benchmark emerging industry best practices for low loss measurements and (3) determine measurement accuracies of commercial resonator-based techniques.
5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology Roadmap (5G/6G MAESTRO)
mmWave Permittivity Reference Material Development
The goal of this project is to develop and characterize suitable reference material(s) for consistent Df/Dk measurement methodologies for characterizing ultra low loss laminate materials. The team plans to develop a requirements document describing the physical and electrical requirements needed to make a traceable permittivity reference sample useful to industry for calibration of high frequency dielectric characterization spanning 10 GHz to 100 GHz.