Durability for Autonomous Vehicle Electronics:
Meeting the Needs 

This presentation reviews information from the iNEMI workshop held at the SMTA Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference (April 26, 2018; Amsterdam) and follow-up webinar held June 12. Topics discussed include:

- Impact of autonomous driving development on the traditional automotive manufacturing
   supply chain

- Need for new standards development

- Higher levels of security required

- New demands for materials development and changes traditional qualification methodologies
   to meet the requirements of the longer use cycles expected for autonomous vehicles

The follow-up webinar also identified opportunities for industry to collaborate in addressing common issues such as the design need to better understand crucial failure mechanisms for different mission profiles and for how to perform relevant testing; and — for miniaturization and system integration — the need to consider thermal and mechanical characteristics such as warpage, materials, impedance control/signal integrity etc.

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