Back End Commonality for Advanced Packaging: Large Form Factor Project


Project Leader:
Kirk Wheeler (Intel), Project Chair



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Wednesday, December 15 2021
11:00 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. EST (Americas)
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Statement of Work & Project Statement


With the emergence of advanced electronics packaging and adoption of heterogeneous integration and system-in-package (SiP), the trend is for larger packages, which poses unique challenges in semiconductor assembly (chip-to-package) as well as PCB assembly (package-to-board). Package sizes are trending above 50mm X 50mm, with roadmaps indicating that size will increase to more than 100mm. 

In almost all cases, each new package goes through development and new product introduction process with expensive tooling and non-recurring engineering costs that add substantially to the cost of the product. These costs also include reliability testing tools. Leveraging commonality to optimize back end manufacturing (package assembly and test) is key for operational efficiency.

Project Focus

This project plans to identify and demonstrate potential commonality opportunities that are beneficial for all parties. Initially, the team will address key technology gaps for assembling advanced packages with large form factors. In particular, they will focus on defining large form factor product-handling media (carriers, trays, etc.) for back end processes that can accurately and cost-effectively manage larger package sizes while also allowing for production flexibility.

Current JEDEC standards for media limit maximum package size as well as assembly tool efficiency. This limit results in low product density per tray for very large products and limited density per tray on smaller products. These limitations reduce the efficiency and flexibility of expensive assembly tools.

iNEMI’s Back End Commonality for Advanced Packaging: Large Form Factor project will develop media handling guidelines for large-sized advanced packages (> 50mm x 50mm). These guidelines will focus on outer tray definition, with interior open to specific applications. It will also define such things as alignment features, fiducials, tool registration/clamping locations, Edge KOZs, etc. These guidelines will be submitted to the appropriate standards bodies to help update current standards to address the needs of larger packages.

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