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Dr. Marc Benowitz, CEO


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Marc Benowitz came on board as iNEMI’s CEO in January of 2018. Prior to that time, he was Senior Director of the Reliability, HW Test and Eco-Environmental Engineering organization at iNEMI member company Nokia (Bell Labs) in Murray Hill, New Jersey. He became a member of the iNEMI Board of Directors in 2001 and was elected Chairman in 2013.

Marc started his career in 1980 with Bell Laboratories and has a breadth of experience in R&D and supply chain domains. He's had lead roles in product development, joint ventures, new product introduction, cost reduction programs, target costing, manufacturing research, supply chain, and managing and implementing large-scale corporate programs. 

In his position as Senior Director of the Reliability and Eco-Environmental Engineering, Marc supported the breadth of Nokia on pre/post deployment reliability and eco-impact reduction strategies.  He also led teams of reliability and environmental experts that covered areas such as root cause analysis, reliability assessment/readiness of new technologies, HW/SW/system reliability, eco-sustainability, environmentally conscious design, hazardous substance/e-waste, product take-back/recycling and life cycle analysis. 

Marc holds a B.S. degree in applied mechanics from the State University of New York at Buffalo and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering mechanics from Columbia University.