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A Quick Word from iNEMI’s New Director of Roadmapping

Frank Mullany, iNEMI Director of Roadmapping
by Frank Mullany, iNEMI Director of Roadmapping on April 5, 2021 3:32:15 PM EDT
Having worked in various communications research and CTO functions, I’ve always heard good things about the work iNEMI does. Therefore, I was delighted to join the iNEMI team and to work broadly with the electronics manufacturing industry. I will lead the evolution of iNEMI’s roadmap strategy, while Linda Wilson will continue to ably drive the execution of that strategy.

So where do I see the iNEMI roadmap going in 2021?

With all that is going on in global supply chains today, technology roadmaps have never been so relevant.  They connect market development with technology realities.  However, the basic format of the iNEMI roadmap has remained relatively unchanged for the last couple of decades.  It is time for a fresh re-evaluation.

In Q1, we are revising our roadmapping strategy in four different dimensions: 
  • Technical content 
  • Process by which iNEMI works with the contributor community to create that content 
  • How we present the content 
  • Relationships with relevant technology roadmaps sponsored by other organizations  

In Q2, we will communicate and launch the new roadmap process to the industry
I look forward to working with iNEMI members, roadmap contributors and other industry roadmap owners as we develop the next generation of iNEMI roadmap. We will keep you informed of our progress and, at any point, please feel free to reach out to me ( with your ideas, questions, suggestions, concerns, etc.

Join Us for the iNEMI Roadmap Refresh Webinar
Get a sneak preview of emerging new directions for the iNEMI Roadmap. Join us for our Roadmap Refresh webinar on April 13. The scope of discussions will be wide, from content format to prediction accuracy, and from contributor engagement to relationships with other roadmaps. The session will also include an open discussion for the audience to provide thoughts and feedback. For additional information
Frank Mullany, iNEMI Director of Roadmapping
Frank Mullany joined iNEMI at the beginning of the year as Director of Roadmapping. Based in Dublin, Ireland, he comes to us from Nokia Bell Labs with 20 years' managerial and technical experience.

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