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iNEMI Project Will Focus on Moisture Induced Expansion Metrology

New iNEMI project to provide experiment-based assessment of metrology options for characterization of materials expansion and recommend a new metrology for moisture-induced CTE that extends swelling strain measurement capabilities beyond current temperature limits.

iNEMI Launching Project on Electromigration of SnBi Solder for Second-Level Interconnect

New iNEMI project will addres the problem of electromigration in SiBn solders and the resulting risk of brittle solder joints with high electrical resistance over time in the field.

iNEMI Team Reports Results of Post Mechanical Shock Test Failure Analysis of Mixed SnAgCu-BiSn BGA Solder Joints

iNEMI’s Bi-Sn Low Temperature Soldering Process and Reliability project team tested mixed SAC-BiSn alloy solder joints of a high density FCBGA component, subjecting them to multiple shock drops under relevant testing conditions. Test results were presented at ICEP 2021l

Inspection and Reliability Study of Voids in First-Level Interconnects for Flip Chip Packages

iNEMI’s 1st Level Interconnect Void Characterization project is studying the effect of voiding in first-level micro-bumps on the joint reliability and will develop guidelines regarding what type of voiding may be acceptable in certain applications.