Over the years, I've seen a lot of advantages of an industry having a roadmap. I believe that there are some key points about the roadmapping process and that kind of collaboration that is very valuable to individuals and companies that participate in developing a roadmap. It is a dynamic, evolving effort that benefits those involved well beyond the set of roadmap reports produced at the end of each cycle.

A roadmap helps evolve an industry

The critical components of a roadmap - identifying needs, the associated challenges to meeting those needs, and the solution sets or potential solutions to resolving challenges - help to evolve an industry from current to future state.
The roadmapping process involves all industry stakeholders. It is a dynamic process - participants take information back to their Roadmap-cropped-square.jpgorganizations throughout the process of developing the roadmap. They also gain perspectives from others by comparing and sharing as they engage in the process.

Roadmaps continuously update to keep up with changes in the industry and markets. We know that the electronics industry is moving fast and must be nimble and able to react to changes in electronics applications as it moves into the era of "smart" everything. Roadmapping enables that kind of movement by constantly analyzing the markets, new products and capabilities, as well as manufacturing improvements, to guide the industry as new needs/challenges/solutions occur. As the industry moves, the roadmap evolves with it and continues to be in step with updates and new projections.

A roadmap helps focus an industry

By highlighting the needs, related challenges, and indicating areas for potential solutions, a roadmap brings focus to an industry. Such attention encourages new start-ups, strengthens current manufacturing capabilities, and enables potential funding opportunities for basic research where innovation is needed.

When a consortium like iNEMI creates a roadmap, it provides a neutral territory of collaboration to resolve shared challenges. Also, while collaboration is encouraged, many solutions take place in the competitive domain, too. The focus for the industry provided by a roadmap and the implementation that follows -- whether through partnerships or within one's organization -- furthers the success of the electronics industry.

iNEMI is currently working on its 2019 Roadmap. If you would like to be involved in developing the roadmap, you can contact Linda Wilson, or get additional information online.