Report from Reliability and Standards for Automotive Electronics Workshop

The workshop, hosted by ZESTRON in Shenzhen, discussed technology trends along with needs and solutions for high-power and high-reliability EVs
Workshop held October 13, 2023 / Shenzhen, China
Hosted by ZESTRON

Workshop Summary

The iNEMI Workshop on Reliability & Standards for Automotive Electronics, hosted by ZESTRON in Shenzhen, drew 53 people from 28 companies to discuss technology trends along with needs and solutions for high-power and high-reliability EVs. Workshop speakers introduced new developments in materials and PCBs, talked about typical defects in PCBAs and connectors, and discussed application of FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis), smart testing and big data analysis to help with quality management not only in manufacturing but throughout the product life. See below for links to download presentations.

The group also reviewed development and status of standards for automotive electronics. Four break-out groups provided more in-depth discussion in the areas of: 

  1. Interconnect reliability
  2. Smart testing and big data analysis
  3. Battery packs
  4. Reliability of electrical isolation

Each break-out group identified major issues and concerns for their respective topics and discussed possible solutions. Based on these discussions, the workshop proposed industry collaboration to work on the following:
  • Establish long-term thermal/mechanical reliability data for second-level PCBA solder joints
  • Investigate gaps and needs for standardized SMT evaluation framework or guidelines 
  • Identify best practices to ensure cable contact quality in battery packs (including cable selection, verification, and test)
  • Investigate and define typical mission/environment profiles for different EV modules

iNEMI will review these suggestions and the needs of the ecosystem to translate those needs into actionable projects. Contact Haley Fu ( to get involved in the discussion and planning.

Access presentations from this workshop (available to members only).