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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Tech Topic Series: Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy #2

Date(s): June 17, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM  EST - 11:00 AM  EST

iNEMI’s Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy is a series of three interactive webinars featuring experts from leading organizations that are doing innovative/beyond-compliance eco-design work. The series, created in conjunction with partners IPC and Fraunhofer IZM,  will be an avenue for eco-design leaders to showcase their thought processes, strategies, successes, and failures. The goal is to capture the best and most innovative practices being used today and to highlight the processes these leaders follow to determine where to focus their eco-design efforts. All webinars will be recorded for broader distribution and exposure. 

Session 2: Thursday, June 17
Schneider Electric and Fairphone

10:00-11:00 a.m. EDT (Americas)
4:00-5:00 p.m. CEST (Europe)
10:00-11:00 p.m. CST (China)
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Also in the Eco-Design series:

Schneider Electric
Confirmed Speaker: Christophe Garnier, Global Environmental Standards Manager


Christophe Garnier will describe how Schneider Electric has adopted an approach of end-to-end circularity. Starting upstream with the design stage to material, manufacturing, packaging and on to downstream use phase in the form of lifecycle services to extend product lifespan, Schneider is doing what it can to give products a second life and, finally, a responsible end of life. For example, circularity criteria are incorporated at the design stage for the company’s Green Premium products (which account for ~80% of product revenues) a and product environmental profiles and end of life instructions are made available to users.


Christophe Garnier has more than 10 years of experience in Schneider Electric’s Environmental Department and is an expert in environmental life cycle assessment and eco-design of products. He has implemented the eco-design process for a complete range of products and his responsibility has grown from insuring compliance with international regulations to implementation in R&D teams. 
Christophe is dedicated to representing Schneider Electric in formal standards bodies and in professional consortia. He represents Schneider Electric and the French National Committee in international environmental standardization development organizations and his expertise has been recognized in his chairmanships of the IEC TC111 Environmental Standards for Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE), French Committees on Circular Economy of EEE (GEJ10), and environmental aspects of EEE (UF111). Christophe is also a member of several groups developing environmental standards, including the European CEN/CENELE/ETSI TC10 preparing the series of circular economy standards
Christophe is also active in professional associations. In “The Green Grid” he conducted work on environmental aspects of datacenters and published a white paper (2014). He also led a consortium of UPS manufacturers to participate in the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) pilot program of the EU Commission (2013-2018) and is a regular speaker at international environmental and sustainability conferences.
Christophe has a master’s in Computer Sciences from UGA in Grenoble, France. After 10 years as an SME in the IT sector, he joined Schneider Electric 20 years ago. 

Confirmed Speakers: Miquel Ballester, Product Management, and Thea Kleinmagd, Circular Material Chains Innovator 
Abstract: How the modular design enables circularity

The environmental footprint of ICT is increasing and smartphones contribute anotable part. Since the largest environmental impact of a smartphone occurs in its production phase, the greatest opportunity to decrease its impact lies in prolonging its lifespan. This presentation will explain how the modularity of thephone contributes  to more circularity in terms of repair, refurbishment and potentially recycling. Several trade-offs occurring during the design phase are presented as well as an overview of Fairphone's ecosystem enabling circular use of modules and phones.

Miquel Ballester is Product Management Lead for Fairphone, B.V. He is part of the founding team for this smartphone brand that produced the first modular and ethical smartphone. As a social enterprise Fairphone aims to inspire the rest of the industry and consumers to push the needle on social and environmental sustainability. Miquel's background is in strategic and industrial design for sustainable development and focuses on managing the early definition phase of Fairphone products.

Thea Kleinmagd is Circular Material Chains Innovator for Fairphone B.V. She joined Fairphone’s Impact Innovation Team in 2020 and focuses on fostering fair circularity and decreasing the  environmental footprint of the lifecycle of mobile phones with the goal of changing the industry from the inside out. Thea holds a master’s degree in Industrial Ecology from Delc University of Technology and Leiden University, and a bachelor’s degree in Product Development and Technical Design (Mechanical Engineering) from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.


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