iNEMI Sustainability Summit: A Call to Action

Co-sponsored by Motorola
September 22-23, 2008
Schaumburg, Illinois


NOTE:  All presentations are downloadable PDFs 

iNEMI Overview
Jim McElroy, CEO/Executive Director, iNEMI

Summit Introduction/Overview
Bob Pfahl, VP, iNEMI

Keynote:  Leading Change in Industry
Session Chair:  Mostafa Aghazadeh, VP, Intel

Leading Change in Industry
Nasser Grayeli, VP, Intel

Sustainable Innovation and ECOMOTO
Bill Olson, Director, Motorola

Caring for the Environment, Transforming Communications for a Sustainable Planet
Marc Benowitz, Director, Alcatel-Lucent

Our Sustainability Journey:  Past, Present and Future
Catherine T. "Katie" Hunt, Director, Rohm & Haas

Materials Session
Chair:  Mike Toben, Director, Rohm & Haas

Legal and Market Drivers of Sustainable Material Choices for Electronic Products
Holly Evans, President, Strategic Counsel, LLC

Environmentally Friendly Materials
Hamid R. Azimi, Sr. Manager, Intel

Electronics Sustainability:  A Plastic Manufacturer’s View
Robert McKay, Manager, SABIC

Sustainable Materials Management
Lauren Heine, Sr. Advisor, Clean Production Action

Energy Session
Chair:  Marc Benowitz, Alcatel-Lucent

Power Management for Networked Systems
Sylvia Ratnasamy, Senior Researcher, Intel

Energy Management in Wireless Systems
Tom Okrasinski, Technical Manager,  Alcatel-Lucent

New Technologies for Lighting & Generating Power
Marc Chason, Founding Partner, Quantum Solar

Eco-Design Session
Chair:  Bob Pfahl, iNEMI

Eco Design and the Organization of Firms
Bob Pfahl, VP, iNEMI

Lifecycle Assessments of Telecom Products – Process and Results
Tom Okrasinski, Technical Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

Eco-Design – Multi-Attribute Environmental Standards for Electronics
Wayne Rifer, Green Electronics Council

ICT & the Environment – A Look Back and Path Forward
Todd Brady, Director, Intel

Day 1 Wrap Up

Dinner Speaker

The Practice of Technology in the Anthropocene
Professor Brad Allenby, Arizona State University

Reuse, Recycling and End of Life Session
Chair:  Alan Rae, NanoDynamics

Reuse, Recycling, and End of Life
Alan Rae, VP, NanoDynamics

Electronics Recycling Laws
Jason Linnell, Executive Director, National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER)

Electronics Recycling in a Nutshell
Mandy Hale, V.P., Sims Recycling Solutions

EPA’s End-of-Life and Sustainability Programs
Chris Newman, Environmental Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5

Sustainability Session
Chair:  Carol Handwerker, Purdue University

Carol Handwerker, Professor, Purdue University

Life Cycle of Nanostructured Materials
Thomas L. Theis, Director, University of Illinois at Chicago 

Sustainability for Small and Medium Manufacturers
William F. Hoffman III, Director, Chicago Manufacturing Center

Roadmap for Reducing Carbon Emissions
Beth Kujan, Executive Officer, Carbon Disclosure Project

Sustainability Through Collaboration and Innovation
Mark Brillhart, VP, Cisco

Day 2 Wrap Up

Breakout Group's Summary Reports

Summit Results and Next Steps