How to Create a Web Account

Welcome to the new iNEMI website. We hope you will find it useful and easy to navigate. If you have any trouble finding information, or if you run across problems with the site (such as missing links), please contact us at

Before you go any further, we hope you’ll take a minute to set up a web account. Start by clicking on the green Create a Web Account button (in the left column on all pages of the website), and follow the steps outlined below.


You may already have a web account. Many of the people in our database do. When you click on the Create a Web Account button, you’ll come to a screen that has a gray box of text in which it says “Click here to see if you have an account ….”  Click on the link and you’ll be taken to the next screen, where you should enter your email address and click on “Retrieve Username and Password.” If you have an account, we’ll mail your username and a temporary password to you. You can use these to log into the site, change your password and set up your profile. Please be sure to indicate which topics and technology areas you are most interested in, and let us know where you are located (North America, Europe or Asia).


If you don’t already have an account, you will need to create a new account.


If your email isn’t found, you’ll be given a link to go back to the original Create a Web Account page. Enter your organization’s name. (This will determine whether you have a member or non-member web account.)

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS AN iNEMI MEMBER, the organization name should be listed on the next screen.  Select the radio button to the left of the organization ID and click Next, which will take you to Step 3. (See a list of members.)

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS NOT AN iNEMI member, you’ll get a screen that says the organization name didn’t match and you can click Next to continue with creating your account.


You’ll be taken to a form that asks for your contact information and allows you to define your username and password. (For iNEMI members — be sure to use the email address associated with your organization so we can verify you as a member.) Please fill out the form and, at the bottom of the page, click the “I am not a robot” box, follow the instructions, then hit Submit.  Members will receive an email with a link to verify email address.  If we don’t recognize your email address, we have to verify your account, which may take up to 24 hours. You will receive an email when your member account is validated. Non-members will be able to log in immediately.


When you first log into your web account, please click on Your Account to provide additional profile information. In particular, be sure to scroll down to the Additional Information section and fill out this information so that we know which topics and technology areas are of interest to you.