Presentations from iNEMI and CDCC Workshop: Corrosion in Data and Telecom Centers

The iNEMI and CDCC (China Data Center Committee) Workshop on April 24, 2017 was hosted by Dow Chemical.  These presentations are available only to iNEMI members.  You must be logged into your web account to view them.

Welcome and Introduction
Haley Fu, iNEMI

Ambient Requirements for Data Center
Zhong Jinghua, CDCC

Environmental Specifications and Accelerated Corrosion Testing for Ensuring Reliability of Electronic Products
Chen Xu, Nokia Bell Labs

Corrosion in Data Centers
Prabjit (PJ) Singh, IBM

Fresh Air Datacenter Solution
Jason Jiang, Lenovo

Preventing Corrosion of Electronic Components by Supply Chain Management
Chris Muller, Purafil

Accelerated Corrosion Verification Platform and Air Quality Monitoring
Dem Lee, IST

iNEMI FoS Creep Corrosion Qualification Test Development
Haley Fu, iNEMI

Further information about this workshop
Haley Fu, iNEMI