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2021 iNEMI Tech Topic Series: 5G/mmWave

Webinar & Conference Presentations
  • Importance of Materials Characterization for 5G and Beyond,” Say Phommakesone (Keysight Technologies), iNEMI Session at IMPACT, December 21, 2021 (Taipei, Taiwan) 
  • 5G/mmWave Material Characterization” Chang-Sheng Chen (ITRI), iNEMI Session at IMPACT, December 21, 2021 (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • “Measuring Complex Permittivity for 5G/mmWave Materials,” Hanna Kähäri (Nokia), Session 3.1: Equipment and Materials for Enabling High Performance, Connecting Heterogeneous Systems Summit, September 1, 2021 (virtual event) 
  • “Solving High Frequency Materials Characterization Challenges in 5G Electronics,” Urmi Ray (iNEMI), webinar sponsored by the International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWIC), June 16, 2021 
  • “5G/High Frequency Materials Test Challenges: Closing the Gaps via E2E Supply Chain Collaborative Innovation,” Urmi Ray (iNEMI), NIST Workshop: Securing the 5G Supply Chain through Measurement, Potential Adoption Paths for Measurements in 5G Hardware Security Session, May 19, 2021
  • High Frequency Measurements Using Wafer Level TechniquesMeasuring Low dK/dFMaterials from 1 GHz to 1 THz,” presented by Nathan Orloff (NIST), iNEMI session at ICEP, May 13, 2021 (virtual event)
  • 5G Electronics Challenges: High Frequency Materials Characterization, iNEMI Invited Session at the International Conference on Device Packaging, April 14, 2021 (virtual event), International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (iMAPS)
    Session Chair: Urmi Ray (iNEMI)
    Presentations and speakers:
    • Challenges for High Dk/Df Measurements,” Urmi Ray (iNEMI)
    • Benchmarking Resonator based Low Dk/Df Material Measurements,” Richard Stephenson (EMD Electronics)
    • Recent Developments of Resonator Measurements for Emerging Materials and Technologies,” Magorzata Celuch & Marzena Olszewska-Placha (QWED)
    • High Frequency Measurements Using Wafer Level Techniques,” Nathan Orloff (NIST)
    • Optimizing Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability for High Frequency Measurements,” Say Phommakesone and Daisuke Kato (Keysight Technologies)
  • iNEMI Technical Session: 5G/High Frequency Materials Characterization Challenges and Opportunities, IPC APEX EXPO, March 12, 2021, moderated by Urmi Ray (iNEMI) March 12, 2021
    • "High Frequency Measurements using Wafer Level Techniques," Nathan Orloff (NIST)
    • "Benchmarking Resonator Based Low Dk/Df Material Measurements," Michael Hill (Intel) and Malgorzata Celuch (QWED). 
    • "Optimizing Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability for High Frequency Measurements," Say Phommakesone and Daisuke Kato (Keysight)
  • 5G/High Frequency Materials Characterization Challenges and Opportunities,” Urmi Ray (iNEMI), Electronic Materials and Applications (EMA) Conference, American Ceramic Association (January 22, 2021; virtual event).
Board Assembly
2021 iNEMI Tech Topic Series: Board Assembly
Webinar & Conference Presentations  

2022 iNEMI Tech Topic Series: Advanced Packaging
(these presentations are available to members only, unless otherwise noted)
  • Packaging Tech Topic: Proliferation & Advancement of Metal TIMs in High Performance Computing (members only) (March 8) — iNEMI’s March Packaging meeting focused on metal thermal interface materials (TIMs) and the role they are playing in managing heat dissipation in high-performance IC packages. Tim Jensen, Global Account Manager and Senior Thermal Technologist for Indium Corporation, discussed the needs of several package styles and their heat dissipation challenges. He also talked about several different categories of metal TIMs and which might be the most appropriate for a given application.
  • Packaging Tech Topic Webinar: Quantum Computing for Electronics Packaging (members only) — Quantum computing has matured to the point that quantum computers may be applied to help solve some of the biggest challenges in electronics packaging and assembly. In this webinar, Dr. Charles Chung, IBM Quantum Industry Consultant, discussed major application areas of quantum computing, example use cases for electronics packaging, and a quantum computing roadmap. He also recommended actions for the electronics packaging and assembly industry today. 

2021 iNEMI Tech Topic Series: Advanced Packaging
(these presentations are available to members only, unless otherwise noted)
Webinar & Conference Presentations  
PCB & Laminates  
Smart Manufacturing  
Sustainable Electronics
Tech Topic Series: Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy
  • Session #1 — Pia Tanskanen (Nokia) and Mark Newton (Samsung North America), May 25, 2021      
  • Session #2 — Christophe Garnier (Schneider Electric) and Miquel Ballester & Thea Kleinmagd (Fairphone), June 17, 2021          
  • Session #3 — Klaus Grobe (ADVA Optical) and Katie Morgenroth & Adi Narayanan (Google), July 27, 2021     
  • Session #4 — David Schönmayr (Fronius) and Maxwell Giammona (IBM Almaden Research Center), September 9, 2021
  • Session #5 — Nirav Patel (Framework) (October 14, 2021)
  • Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy Series Report, October 12 & 13, 2021
  • Session #6 — Jan Daem (Barco), November 4, 2021
  • Eco-Design: Lesnsos Learned Webinar (March 17) —iNEMI, IPC and Fraunhofer IZM shared key lessons learned from the Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy series. This series of webinars featured industry leaders describing their experiences in implementing innovative eco-design to drive circular economy in their business models and products. In this final webinar, Eco-Design project leader Julio Vargas (IBM) highlighted common approaches shared by the featured companies and talked about next steps. 

Webinar & Conference Presentations