Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Series: Final Report

‚ÄčThe iNEMI/IPC/Fraunhofer Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy series comprised six interactive webinars featuring industry leaders sharing their experiences in implementing innovative/beyond regulatory compliance eco-design work. The goal of this educational series was to capture the best and most innovative practices being used today and to highlight the processes these leaders follow to determine where to focus their eco-design efforts. 

In reviewing the presentations from the six webinars, the Eco-Design team identified several common approaches, or themes, regarding how the different organizations drive circular economy in their business models and products. As a final report, the team produced four videos to summarize these common approaches: take action now, collaboration and innovation. Click on the links below to access the videos. 

Final Report Webinar: Lessons Learned 
(March 17, 2022)

In this webinar, iNEMI, IPC and Fraunhofer IZM share key lessons learned from the Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy Series. This series of webinars featured industry leaders describing their experiences in implementing innovative eco-design to drive circular economy in their business models and products. The Eco-Design team identified several common themes in the approaches shared by the different organizations for driving circular and this webinar, led by Eco-Design project leader Julio Vargas (IBM), highlighted common approaches shared by the featured companies and included a robust Q&A with audience feedback and discussion of next steps.
Download the presentation.