2023 Presentations & Papers-Board Assembly

Low-Temperate Solder Tech Topic Series

SMTA International
October 9-12, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota


Electromigration In TIn-Bismuth Planar Geometry Solder Joints,” Prabjit Singh, PhD (IBM), Session FE1: Solder 1, International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP), April 21, 2023; Kyushu, Japan (iNEMI members only)      Paper         Presentation
iNEMI project: Electromigration of SnBi Solder for Second-Level Interconnect

Dynamic Warpage Prediction of High-Density Interconnect Socket,” Philip Chang, PhD (CoreTech System Co., Ltd. / Moldex3D), iNEMI Session, International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT), October 25; Taipei, Taiwan (iNEMI members only)
iNEMI project: High Density Interconnect Socket Warpage Prediction and Characterization

Call-for-Participation: High Density Interconnect Socket Warpage Prediction and Characterization, Phase 2 (January 4/5, 2023)     Project page