MAESTRO Session at 2024 Device Packaging Conference


TA3: Next Gen Applications Track: Invited Session
5G/6G Roadmap Creation and Packaging Challenges
iMAPS 20th International Conference & Exhibition on Device Packaging 
March 19, 2024 / Fountain Hills, Arizona USA

This session shared information from the NIST-sponsored 5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology Roadmap (5G/6G MAESTRO), managed by iNEMI.  (Presentations are coming soon.)

Urmi Ray, Moderator

Introduction/Overview: 5G/6G Roadmap Creation and Packaging Challenges
Low Loss Dielectric Materials Characterization Roadmap

Michael J. Hill, Intel Corporation

The Mid-Atlantic Semiconductor Hub (MASH): A distributed network of resources and talent to reassert U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing
Daniel Lopez, Penn State University

6G and sub-THz Materials and Test Requirement Roadmap
Hongbin Yu, Arizona State University

5G Electronics: Bridging the Measurement Challenges with Reference Material Development
Lucas Enright, NIST

Shown here is the panel of speakers (left to right): Lucas Enright (NIST), Hongbin Yu (ASU),
Mike Hill (Intel), Urmi Ray (iNEMI) and Professor Daniel Lopez (Penn State).