iNEMI Interviews at IPC APEX EXPO 2024

Global SMT & Packaging Panel: The Future of Electronics Manufacturing 
Panel on complex integrated systems with Francis Mullany (iNEMI), Dan Gamota (Jabil), and Ravi Parthasarathy (ZESTRON USA). Watch the interview.

EMSNOW: Up Close with Dr. Frank Mullany, iNEMI Director of Roadmapping 

Eric Miscoll of EMSNOW talks with Frank Mullany about the iNEMI Roadmap’s work to identify and discover pain points across the electronics manufacturing eco-system. This conversation covers what Frank sees as the path toward a future where the lines between PCB board manufacturing and packaging are blurring, with companies crossing from one area to another. Frank calls this an important transition period for the industry where interconnectivity and design issues must be reconsidered, including even the undergraduate engineering curriculum.  Watch the interview.    



RealTime with IPC APEX EXPO

The Evolution of Industry Roadmapping with iNEMI

   Nolan Johnson talks with Dr. Francis Mullany, iNEMI Director or Roadmapping, about the crucial role of roadmapping in pinpointing technology requirements in the industry and the latest iNEMI Roadmap.

Watch the interview.


Complex Integrated Systems in Manufacturing

Matt Kelly, 
IPC’s CTO and Vice President, Technology Solutions, and Grace O'Malley, iNEMI CTO, discuss the intricacies of complex integrated systems (CIS) in manufacturing. They also talk about the recent collaboration between IPC and iNEMI on a white paper about CIS, and highlight the importance of standards, training, and quality  metrics. Watch the interview.

The Millimeter Wave Project

   Nolan Johnson Interviews Urmi Ray, iNEMI, about the mmWave Permittivity Reference Material Development Project — the need for traceable standard reference materials and the project's hand-off of results to NIST for standard development. Watch the interview

Electrification of Automobiles: Challenges and Solutions

Marcy LaRont talks with Grace O'Malley, CTO of iNEMI, about the electrification of automobiles and the need for industry alignment, standardization, and collaboration to tackle challenges. Watch the interview.   

Digitization and Regular Updates of the iNEMI Industry Roadmap

Nolan Johnson interviews Ranjan Chatterjee, Cimetrix, who chairs the iNEMI Smart Manufacturing Roadmap and sits on the iNEMI Board of Directors. Ranjan talks about how the roadmap is a collaborative effort that can provide a crucial tool for decision-making. Watch the interview.