APEX 2024 Special Event: Bridging the Gap: Ultra HDI Challenges

IPC APEX EXPO/Electronic Circuits World Convention (ECWC16)
April 6-11, 2024 / Anaheim, California USA

Bridging the Gap: Ultra HDI Challenges 
Tuesday, April 9

About this Session

Mainstream PCB technology is moving inexorably toward packaging substrate scaling and performance; however, there are considerable process and material challenges in addition to developing new standards with associated inspection and quality controls. This iNEMI workshop leveraged the technology roadmaps for PCB and packaging and, through a high-level approach, highlighted the need for a detailed gap analysis. The workshop also discussed the benefit of pre-competitive collaborative efforts to fill the gaps by key stakeholders in the supply chain.

AT&S View On: Ultra HDI Challenges
Dr. Hannes Voraberger, AT&S

iNEMI UHDI Session
Ed Kelley, Founder/Principal. Four Peaks Innovation

iNEMI Roadmap and Projects
Grace O’Malley, iNEMI