A Cost-Effective & Convenient Approach to Creep Corrosion Testing

This white paper details how the iNEMI Qualification Test Development for Creep Corrosion project created a qualification test to determine whether printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) are likely to develop creep corrosion. The innovative flowers-of-sulfur (FoS) corrosion chamber developed by the project team is inexpensive and easy to maintain; and it allows the temperature, relative humidity, sulfur and chlorine content to be reasonably well controlled within the chamber. The test has been very successful in reproducing creep corrosion on printed circuit boards (PCBs) from lots that are known to have suffered creep corrosion in the field.

This white paper highlights some of the key findings from the project team’s extensive testing, describes the FoS test chamber developed by the team and discusses how the chamber is used. The test chamber also has the potential to be used as a general-purpose corrosion chamber for a range of studies. 

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