Deployment Projects

iNEMI’s deployment projects address the technology gaps identified by the roadmap and our gap analysis process (see technical planning) as well as by our members and the technology needs defined through industry workshops and other outreach activities (see industry outreach). By leveraging the efforts and resources of multiple participants, these collaborative projects reduce the risk and cost to any one organization. 

Successful projects are those that effectively address knowledge gaps, solving a common industry problem by working together.  These projects bring together representative groups of companies from within the full supply chain to provide an industry-wide response. Direct alignment with member companies’ commercial interests is another critical factor for success.


These are the type of projects that one company cannot do or drive it on
its own. It really requires a collaborative effort across the entire supply chain.   

— Mostafa Aghazadeh, Intel


Advantages of Collaboration

Reduce cost by leveraging resources
  • Reduce cost of implementing new technologies 
  • Reduce resource demands and monetary investments for each company
  • Stimulate standards and common specification development
  • Work on issues facing all your suppliers/customers
  • Disseminate efficient business practices
Reduce risk of technology introduction 
  • Gain knowledge and accelerate deployment of new technologies 
  • Develop industry infrastructure, source of supply
  • Ensure reliability and technology readiness when required
Reduce environmental risks 
  • Ensure sustainable solutions are put in place and in sync with industry

Types of Projects

iNEMI projects generally fall within three categories:
  • Research: explore and investigate new materials and processes
  • Optimization: “Fine tune” the materials and/or processes (often includes reliability or accelerated life testing); develop a tool
  • Specification: define a usable range for each set of optimized materials and/or processes (often output white paper, standards)
Project participation requires iNEMI membership.  The participants define and execute projects while iNEMI staff organizes and facilitates them.  Projects typically last 12-18 months. See a list of current projects.