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iNEMI Collaborative Projects

iNEMI’s projects address the technology gaps identified by the roadmap and our gap analysis process, as well as by our members and the technology needs defined through industry workshops and other outreach activities. By leveraging the efforts and resources of multiple participants, these collaborative projects reduce the risk and cost to any one organization.

Successful projects are those that effectively address knowledge gaps, solving a common industry problem by working together.  These projects bring together representative groups of companies from within the full supply chain to provide an industry-wide response. Direct alignment with member companies’ commercial interests is another critical factor for success.

iNEMI has several new initiatives currently in development. The initiative process, which defines project scope and objectives, is open to both members and non-members – all are welcome to participate. More information.

Julie Silk, Environmental Compliance & Materials Reliability Program Manager for Keysight Technologies, talks about how participation in iNEMI projects gives them access to the expertise of a large group of people and capabilities.

Grace O’Malley, Vice President of Global Operations for iNEMI, says that, despite the diversity of iNEMI’s collaborative projects, they all address a common “sweet spot” that enables technology development and high-volume manufacturing for electronics.

The iNEMI Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) define iNEMI’s collaborative activities, identifying technology gaps that are best addressed through collaboration and then developing specific projects to address those gaps.


Our Projects

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