Donate Components for Warpage Characteristics of Organic Packages, Phase 3

The Project Team is in the process of soliciting OCMs, OEMs, ODMs and other companies for assistance in acquiring packages for the evaluations. Eventually the output from this project could be used to develop improved warpage specifications through industry standard bodies.

Based on a recent industry survey, the Project Team has selected the following package types to focus the initial efforts. The Project Team will consider packages beyond those listed below. All product names for evaluation samples will remain anonymous throughout the project activities.

  • Small BGA Packages
    • Interposer, 2.5D, 3D stack packages, TSV
    • Ball pitch of less than or equal to 0.5mm
  • Large BGA Packages
    • Less than 1.0 mm ball pitch
    • Package stiffeners – picture frame stiffener, different stiffener attachment method, shapes and sizes
    • Either organic substrate or ceramic substrate
  • System In Package/Multi Chip Package (BGA)
    • Stack Die (Large die) – multiple die on interposer
  • Embedded Package (embedded silicon, actives and passives)
We would like you to provide:
  • More than 10 units which have gone through the complete package assembly process.  These packages do not need to be functionally or electrically perfect; it can be test vehicle or dummy package.
  • A brief description of package geometry and ball pitch and ball size used.
  • As many designs, in as many design envelopes/market sectors as you can supply
 There will be no:
  • Reverse engineering of the design or package construction (the packages provided will on be only used for Dynamic warpage measurements)
  • No mention of your company in relationship to any design or suppliers (blind test)
  • All units will be destroyed once the measurements have been completed unless otherwise instructed.
 You will receive in return:
  • The Dynamic Warpage Characteristic of your components (including room temperature through assembly temperatures and back down again)
  • A summary of the Dynamic Warpage Characteristic of all package warpage data collected within your design envelope (blind test, no names of companies or products will be provided)
 How the data will be used by the project team:
  • This data will be included in the iNEMI study of Dynamic Warpage Characteristic of Packages and will be used in the assessment for the improvement of warpage measurement protocols.
The iNEMI Warpage Characterization Project Team wants to thank you for your help and assistance in this effort. Please contact the name below for shipping instructions and to address any questions.
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Haley Fu