Eco-Impact Evaluator for ICT Equipment, Phase 2 (LCA Estimator Tool Development)

Co-chair: Tom Okrasinski, Alcatel-Lucent

Co-chair: John Malian, Cisco


End-of-Project Webinar and Final Report

  • Presentation (October 17, 2012)
  • Final Report (Tool and Database Development Document (October 26, 2012)
  • Above files are for iNEMI members only.

Statement of Work and Project Statement

Purpose of Program

This project aligns with the Eco-Sustainability Summit’s Life Cycle Analysis Team and their roadmap for developing a simplified tool to more easily derive key eco-environmental information for ICT equipment and assets.  The project will provide a solution in the form of an estimator tool that will categorize targeted products and assets and establish a unified format for requesting LCA information from suppliers. Key elements within these categorized product and asset types will be defined based on their relative importance in contributing to the overall eco-environmental impact of ICT equipment. There are clearly areas here where efficiency can be gained, e.g., with methodologies and shared information and data, without compromising any intellectual property or uniqueness in our businesses.  With an estimator tool, iNEMI member companies can demonstrate the scalable and traceable continuous improvement process related to products and the supply chain.

Background and Motivation

Providing eco-impact for ICT products is becoming a rapidly increasing requirement for placing products on the market.  As such, the benefits of an eco-environmental impact estimator will provide iNEMI members with a simplified means of evaluating such impacts, summarizing the results, communicating the information within the industry, and requests toward the supplier industry.

Goals of the Program

Project success includes the full development and deployment within iNEMI of a simplified LCA estimator tool for ICT products.  This will include a unified data request asking the supplier industry to provide current LCA-type data for use in the estimator.  Project results will be posted on the iNEMI website for use by iNEMI Working Group members. The project team will provide technical support within its membership in sharing knowledge, information and data collected to:
  • Develop a simplified tool
  • Refine category algorithms and link to appropriate databases
  • Develop input / output formats
  • Build the prototype tool based on strategy developed by team
  • Test prototype and compare to known LCA result
  • Finalize data collection and maintenance routine / surve
  • Deploy tool within iNEMI and establish mechanism for external ICT deployment

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