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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

iNEMI Session at ICEP 2023

Start Date: 4/19/2023 9:30 AM JST
End Date: 4/19/2023 11:15 AM JST


Organization Name: iNEMI

Haley Fu
Email: haley.fu@inemi.org
Phone: (984) 333-0820

2023 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP)
April 19-22; (Kumamoto Pref., Kyushu area, Japan)
WA1: iNEMI Session
Wednesday, April 19
9:30-11:10 a.m., Room A

  • (WA1-1) Preparing for 6G: Developing Best Practices and Standards for Industrial Measurements of Low-Loss Dielectrics, Lucas Enright (NIST) 
  • (WA1-2) AOI Pattern Detection Study for Fine Pitch Advanced Substrate, Feng Xue (IBM)
  • (WA1-3) Adhesion Measurement Study for Advanced Substrate Circuitry Patterns, Masahiro Tsuriya (iNEMI)
  • (WA1-4) An In-containing Lower-Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste for Wafer-Level Package Application that Outperforms SAC305, Sze Pei Lim (Indium)

Meet with Us at ICEP

In addition to this session, several members of the iNEMI staff will be attending the event. Reach out to them if you’d like to meet while at ICEP: