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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Packaging Tech Topic Series: Wire-Bond Capacitance Test with with Real-Time Prescriptive DPAT

Start Date: 6/23/2021 9:00 AM EDT
End Date: 6/23/2021 10:00 PM EDT

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Keysight Technologies, in close collaboration with Infineon Technologies, ,pioneered the adoption of Keysight’s xVTEP technology to test for wire-bond defects post encapsulation.  These defects are not effectively or pragmatically detectable via traditional X-ray or ATE solutions. While this advancement has proven to be extremely successful (and, therefore, profitable) in reducing or eliminating field defects, the current method of characterizing capacitance measurements is manual and tedious. 

Keysight’s industry-leading real-time prescriptive dynamic part averaging testing (DPAT) is able to automatically analyze a device lot and adjust test limits on the fly. This analysis can be accomplished with the capabilities provided by Keysight’s PathWave Manufacturing Analytics (PMA) which is a big data advanced analytics platform. PMA performs advanced analytics using manufacturing processes, tests and equipment data to drive manufacturing improvements and efficiencies. 

In this webinar, Derek Ong and Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott of Keysight Technologies will present information about wire-bond capacitance testing with real-time prescriptive DPAT for packaging quality validation.

Speaker Bios

Derek Ong (Keysight Technologies)

Derek has more than 15 years in the electronics industry. He has contributed in various positions including sales, marketing, product management, business development and engineering. Currently, he is spearheading Keysight’s innovation in software application and big data advanced analytics for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 applications. He has a BscEE from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott (Keysight Technologies)

Jeremy has 30 years of experience in the electronics and manufacturing industry.  He has contributed to various roles in product manufacturing, robotics and quality inspection technologies, as well as R&D in big data analytics solutions.  Currently, he is working in business development and customer solutions in big data and advanced analytics for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 applications.  He has qualifications in Mechatronics and a BSc in Computer Science from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.