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Thursday, June 27, 2024

PFAS Roadmap Discussions/Development

Start Date: 6/27/2024 11:00 AM EDT
End Date: 6/27/2024 12:00 PM EDT

United States 

Organization Name: iNEMI

Frank Mullany
Email: fmullany@inemi.org
Phone: (984) 333-0820

iNEMI is developing roadmap content regarding PFAS substitution and/or abatement in order to support the industry in understanding the critical path substitution challenges for electronics manufacturing and the associated timelines to removing PFAS materials. We will be holding  a series of weekly meetings to discuss and  compile the information needed for the roadmap. The one-hour meetings, facilitated by iNEMI Roadmapping Director Francis Mullany, start on Thursday, June 6, and continue each Thursday through June 27. The focus will on PCB and board assembly materials and will involve:

  1. Summarizing the key PFAS materials for the areas of electronics manufacturing being considered
  2. Identifying the known and emerging potential substitutes and/or extraction/abatement techniques
  3. Mapping out the expected TRL (technology readiness levels) over a 10-year period for a given substitute or technique
Results from these discussions will be used to help identify further cross-industry actions in the areas of PFAS substitution and/or abatement. Anyone interested in joining the discussion should contact Francis Mullany (fmullany@inemi.org).