Functional Test Coverage Assessment

Chair:  Tony Taylor (Intel)

End-of-Project Webinar

  • Presentation (August 12, 2009)
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  • To develop a standard framework for assessing functional test coverage.
  • To establish an assessment methodology that enables coverage comparison between test states (e.g., functional vs. in-circuit) and test revisions.


Coverage reports for structural test equipment (e.g., ICT, AXI, AOI) are relatively standardized due to the consistency of the test environment. For example, testing a resistor in one design is basically the same as testing a resistor on another, completely different, design. Functional test equipment is more customized, including the hardware, software and test generation process.  Due to this variability of the test environment, and the fact that the functional test requires the board to perform its native functions during testing, determining whether a resistor value is correct in two differing designs is at least difficult, and could be impossible. Formulating a coverage assessment method for functional test must encompass the fact that test environments differ, and yet still offer information that allows the coverage of the test to be comprehended and compared to other test stages. This project was organized to create more consistency in functional test coverage assessment as a way of providing greater opportunity to automate or standardize reports and enabling more informed decision-making on issues pertaining to test.

Scope of Project

  • Review various companies' usage models for a functional test coverage assessment methodology, including board and system test.
  • Establish defect list from existing structural assessment methods.
  • Identify new, functional-test-specific defect list.
Project Statement, Version 1.0, April 4, 2007
Statement of Work, Version 1.0, February 20, 2007


APEX 2008 (April 1, 2008; Las Vegas, Nevada)