Getting Involved with the iNEMI Roadmap

The iNEMI Roadmap is developed biennially by volunteers from the electronics manufacturing industry. iNEMI membership is not required to participate in roadmap development. In fact, the more diversified the representatives working on the roadmap, the broader the reach and the more valuable to the industry.

With the wide range of technology categories, it should be easy to find one that stirs your interest and calls you to participate. There are two kinds of working groups in which you can get involved:

Product Emulator Groups (PEGs)

The PEGs define OEM requirements for their respective product sectors, anticipating product technology and business-related needs over a 10-year horizon. These needs are presented in each PEG chapter, using key attribute spreadsheets and text according to templates that are furnished by the iNEMI Technical Committee (TC). Each PEG has a Chair or Co-chairs and as many group members as needed for a broad-based view of that emulator’s scope (usually 2-5 individuals). PEG Chairs are expected to attend two to three meetings during the 2015/2016 calendar years, but most of each group’s work is done by telephone and over the web.

Technology Working Groups (TWGs)

The TWGs use the OEM requirements detailed in the PEG chapters (as applicable) to prepare each of their roadmap chapters, detailing where their respective technology stands today — and is expected to progress over the next 10 years — with respect to the stated needs. Other than the TWG Chairs, who are expected to attend a minimum of three meetings, no travel is required to participate in a TWG. Most of each group's work is done by telephone and over the web, and this activity requires only as many hours as you want to dedicate to it, depending upon how involved you wish to be. A list of the 2019 PEGs and TWGs can be found on the iNEMI website and are included in this form. Also on the website, you can find information about participation requirements and anticipated time commitments.

If you have been thinking about serving the industry by participating in the roadmap, please fill out this form to the right with information about yourself and the topics you are interested in. We will work with you to decide where and how you might get involved.

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