Symposium on Global ICT Environmental Initiatives Sponsored by iNEMI and Intel Corporation

Presentations from Symposium on Global ICT Environmental Initiatives (October 27-28, 2009; Brussels, Belgium)

Day 1

KEYNOTE – Environmental Excellence: A Call to Action
Don Whiteside, Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs / Director, Global Public Policy, Intel

iNEMI HFR-Free Program Report
Grace O'Malley, Manager of Operations, iNEMI-Europe

Industry-Wide Cooperative Environmental Programs at HDP User Group (HDPUG) International
Ruben Bergman, Director of Marketing, User Group International Inc.

US EPA Flame Retardants in Printed Circuit Boards Partnership
Adrian Beard, Marketing Manager, Phosphorus Flame Retardants, Clariant Corporation

Dell Perspectives on “BFR/CFR/PVC-Free” Electronics
Markus Stutz, EMEA Environmental Affairs Manager, Dell

HP BFR/PVC Elimination Update
Ferdinand Hermann, Environmental Regulations & Standards Manager EMEA, Hewlett-Packard GmbH

Halogen-Free Component: Transition Challenges
Hamid Azimi, Materials Technology Development Manager, Intel

HF PC Materials Transition / Challenges
Volker Klafki, Product Application Manager, TECHNOLAM GmbH / Nan Ya Plastics

“Low-Halogen” Connectors / Cables
David Bender, Director, Product Compliance, Tyco Electronics

Designing High-Performance Thermoplastics for Halogen-Free Electronics
Wilma Nijenhuis, Research and Technology Manager, Stanyl and ForTii, DSM Engineering Plastics

Halogen-Free Materials Expectations
Terrance Richesin, Technology Development Q&R Engineer Group Lead, Systems Materials Quality and Reliability, Intel

Regulatory Opportunities from Greenpeace’s Perspective — The RoHS Revision
Melissa Shinn, Policy Advisor, Greenpeace International

Day 2

KEYNOTE - Nokia & Sustainability
Kaisa-Reeta Koskinen, Senior Manager, EU Governmental Affairs, Nokia

Current and Future European Union Policy on Substance Restrictions
Eric Liégeois, Policy Officer, DG Enterprise and Industry Chemicals Unit G-2, European Commission

Electronic Components: Meeting Homogeneous Requirements
Mark Frimann, TI IC Product Stewardship Management, Texas Instruments

Getting the FLI Lead Out
Tom De Bonis, Integration Manager, Intel

iNEMI PVC Alternatives Project
Bill Bader, CEO, iNEMI

New Materials for Flexible Cords
Steven A. Galan, General Manager, Wire and Cable Services Strategic Business Unit, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

iNEMI Eco-Impact Evaluator for ICT Equipment Project
Arjen Salemink, Product Environmental Affairs Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

Environmental Standardisation
Ferdinand Hermann, Environmental Regulations and Standards Manager EMEA, Hewlett-Packard GmbH

Carbon Footprint Landscape: Impacts to Manufacturers
Ted Reichelt, Principal Environmental Engineer, Intel

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