HFR-Free Leadership Program

Chair: Stephen
Tisdale, Intel Corporation

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Several major OEMs are evaluating a conversion to HFR (halogenated flame retardant)-free PCB materials.  While mobile phone manufacturers are well along in this effort, the next area of impact will likely be driven by high-volume consumer computer applications.

An industry-wide conversion to HFR-free materials faces numerous challenges:
  • Reliability of materials with alternative flame retardants has not been fully qualified.
  • Complete "technology envelopes" or technical specifications have not been established for various product applications.
  • Incomplete design knowledge in segments of the supply chain increases risk of conversion issues.
  • A rapid complete conversion of computer products will have a major impact on the supply chain and needs to be coordinated.
iNEMI is working with several of our major OEM members to assess the feasibility of a broad conversion to HFR-Free PCB materials.  While IPC and JEDEC are developing halogen-free standard specifications and numerous companies have compliant materials, significant questions remain regarding overall readiness to make a transition to these materials.  For example:
  • What electrical properties are needed to meet high-speed signaling requirements?
  • With many HFR-free materials showing higher stiffness, what mechanical properties are needed to ensure system reliability isn't degraded?
  • Can design modifications reduce sensitivity to electrical and material properties?

 Statement of Work

  • Statement of Work:  iNEMI HFR-Free Technology Leadership Program (Version 5.0; May 15, 2009)

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