High-Temperature, Pb-free Die-Attach Material

Project Leader:
Sze Pei Lim, Indium

Co-Project Leader:
Binghua Pan, Delphi


End-of-Project Webinar

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  • This webinar was open to members and non-members. 

Statement of Work and Project Statement



  • There is no single identified drop-in solution for high-temp Pb-free material for die-attach that can replace current high Pb options.
  • Higher junction temperature for under-the-hood automotive application requires higher reliability alloys which can fulfill the stringent TCT requirement.

Purpose of Project

  • The purpose of this project is to assess the processability and reliability of different Pb-free materials available for power semiconductor die-attach application on leadframe or ceramic substrate, which is using Pb-containing material currently. This is one of the challenges in material identified in 2013 iNEMI Packaging Technology Roadmap chapter.
  • This project is phased approaches. Phase 1 is to conduct the benchmarking on the technology or material availability and trends with current POR material and process. Phase 2 is to perform the experiment to ensure the reliability performances by selecting the material candidates.
  • The anticipated benefits are to provide the various options of material solutions from the two phased projects.
  • Application targets – Power MOSFET, IGBT modules, Integrated Power modules.

Further Information

Masahiro Tsuriya