iNEMI Next Generation Solder Materials Workshop
APEX Expo / Buzz Session 6
Thursday, January 31, 2019
8:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m. / Room 4
San Diego Convention Center / San Diego, California

iNEMI will be hosting the Next Generation Solder Materials Workshop at APEX 2019. This workshop is an APEX Buzz Session and is open to industry and free of charge.

New and emerging product markets are driving further miniaturization of components, making smaller and thinner packages and boards the norm. These applications also present unique use and environmental conditions. As a result, the electronics manufacturing industry faces assembly yield and product reliability challenges. How can we successfully mitigate these challenges? Do we modify existing materials and processes or develop new technology?

Join us for this free iNEMI workshop that will focus on the future of solder materials and how these materials must advance to meet the needs of new products and processes. The workshop will be interactive, with speakers, panel sessions and working groups focused on user needs and materials development. The keynote will be delivered by Intel, plus we have additional speakers and panelists from Senju, Alpha Assembly, Henkel, Indium, HP, Dell, Raytheon and John Deere.

This workshop is one of the IPC APEX Buzz Sessions. If you don’t register to attend anything else at IPC APEX, you will need an exhibit hall registration to access this workshop. This is available for free via online registration until Saturday, January 26.  After January 26 there is a $40 fee for both online and onsite registration. Click here for IPC registration packages.  

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