iNEMI Research Priorities

Part of iNEMI's planning methodology is to develop a 10-year research vision to help focus limited R&D resources in order to ensure development of the innovative technologies required to maintain growth in the electronics industry.  Research needs are identified and prioritized through the iNEMI roadmaps and follow-on gap analysis activities.  These prioritized needs are the core of the iNEMI Research Priorities and are distributed as resource materials for industry, research institutes and funding agencies.

Identifying these priorities is more important than ever. Budgets for long-term research have steadily shrunk as manufacturing has become more distributed and the responsibility for R&D investments has been pushed down into the supply chain to companies that have traditionally operated with small profit margins. With less funding available for long-term research, it is critical for industry to identify the key enabling technologies required for continued innovation and to concentrate R&D on those areas where there is the greatest need.

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