What Is the iNEMI Roadmap?

The iNEMI Roadmap charts the future evolution of electronics manufacturing in terms of . . .
  • application and market drivers,
  • technical needs,
  • maturity of technical solutions,
  • and expected gaps and challenges
. . . . over a 10-year horizon. 
Modern electronic systems and applications drive the iNEMI Roadmap. The various roadmap teams focus on the full product lifecycle, from component design to manufacturing to deployment to end of life, and the complete ecosystem from materials suppliers to system integrators. 

Mapping a Complex Technical Landscape

Electronics are critical in an ever-increasing number of application domains, each with its own, often diverse set of drivers and requirements. The complexity of electronics technologies and systems is also growing dramatically. The manufacturing ecosystems continuously fragment and re-consolidate; therefore, technology roadmapping is a must for guiding electronics manufacturing stakeholders. The iNEMI Roadmap 

  • Helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers and suppliers prioritize investments in R&D and technology deployment
  • Aids alignment of iNEMI projects with critical technology needs
  • Influences the focus of university-based research
  • Provides guidance for government investment in emerging technologies

Technical Scope

Current team recruitment and publication schedule listed by topic.


Access the Current Online Roadmap

Click on the image below for the new, concise online format of the iNEMI Roadmap.  


Contribute to the iNEMI Roadmap

Join one or more topic working groups to obtain insights into future technology evolution. Contribute to the effort through discussions with other subject matter experts across multiple disciplines and the entire electronics manufacturing value chain.  If you'd like to get involved with the new roadmap, please fill out our expression-of-interest form.

2019 Roadmap

The 2019 iNEMI Roadmap is still available for purchase (free to iNEMI members).