iNEMI Member Meeting (Japan 2015)

Presentations from iNEMI Member Meeting
Hosted by Intel Japan
Tsukuba, Japan
August 7, 2015

Intel Japan hosted the second members’ meeting in Japan at Intel Tsukuba office.  Fifteen people attended the meeting.  Three presentations were made by iNEMI members:
  • Innovations in Smart & Connected Devices, presented by Kinya Ichikawa (Intel Corporation).  Ichikawa-san talked about Innovation in smart & connected devices, including technology diver & challenge of pitch scaling, 2.3D/3D integration with EMIB (Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge) and ultra thin technology.
  • Low Loss Laminate Materials for High Speed Application, presented by Toshiyuki Iijima (Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.).  Ijima-san talked about low loss laminate materials for high speed application, including Hitachi’s ULL material technology of existing HE679G/LW900G/910G and also future L3 (Low Dk/ Df, CTE) and Light Wave2 (glass cloth less film type).
  • Outline of NMC, presented Akihito Nishibayashi (Nippon Micrometal).  Nishibayashi-san talked about Pd coated Cu (EX1 & EX1p) wire technology and market trend, and micro solder ball of Cu cored solder ball.
iNEMI project updates and roadmap overview were also presented to the members: Contact Masahiro Tsuriya for more information.