Improving UL Certification of Laminates and PCBs


Project Leaders

Valerie St.Cyr, Teradyne

End-of-Project Webinar

Statement of Work and Project Statement


Presentation from telecons (Communication Meeting #1 and #2) held on March 27-28, 2012.


Technology advancements in PCB materials and densities have progressed at a very rapid rate. Low-halogen laminates, HDI materials, and inks and pastes that embed functions or connection structures are increasingly common. Existing UL certification requirements need to be updated to support these new PCB designs and to streamline the certification process.
iNEMI is organizing a new initiative to develop clear, well-defined recommendations to improve current UL materials and PCB standards. Planned as a two-phase effort, the project will evaluate UL’s existing laminate and PCB certification process, assessing whether new materials, processes and other variations are being adequately addressed, and — where they are not being addressed — recommend use of alternative (existing) testing or development of new tests. The team will also identify ways to shorten the time required to acquire UL certification.

Further Information

Mark Schaffer
Haley Fu