Presentations: iNEMI Medical Electronics Workshop

May 4-5, 2011

This workshop focused on creating a working understanding of the key gaps that are faced by the medical electronics manufacturing industry and on identifying those areas where industry collaboration would be most beneficial. In addition to several experts from the medical electronics supply chain sharing information with workshop participants, break-out groups met to address the following issues/topics: (1) reliability requirements for specific medical market segments, (2) supply chain integration and supply base development, (3) MRI and implantable compatibility and (4) packaging/interconnect.

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Day 1 - May 4, 2011

Session 1 - Keynotes

Introduction and Expectations
Bill Bader, CEO, iNEMI

Industry Keynote
Technology Challenges for Active Cardiac Implantable Devices
Dr. Alain Ripart, Sr. VP & Chief Scientific Officer, Sorin Group

Government Keynote:
This was a speech only; no presentation available
Eric Anderson, Supervisory Investigator, San Francisco District, FDA

Market Keynote:
The Market for Medical Electronics: Trends, Issues, and Challenges
Jan Vardaman, President, TechSearch International

Session 2 - OEM Technology Needs

Highlights of 2011 Medical Product Emulator Group
Dr. Anthony Primavera, Manager, Advanced Process Tehcnology, Micro Systems Engineering Inc.

OEM Technology Needs
Peter Lampacher, Head of Design and Development of Vibrant MED-EL; presented by Martin Kerber, R&D Group Leader, MED-EL

Understanding the Needs of the Medical Device Client
Bonnie Norman, Director, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Care Innovations

Challenges for the Medical Device Industry
James P. Vetro, P.E., Global Engineering Manager, RoHS & Substances, GE Healthcare

Session 3 - Medical Electronics R&D

R&D on Integration and Packaging Technologies for Wearable and Implantable Devices
Dr. Maaike Op de Beeck, Program Manager of Human++, IMEC

Medical Devices: Engineering’s Contributions to the Quality of Life
Dr. Guna Selvaduray, Director of Biomedical Device Graduate Program, San Jose State University

High Performance and High Reliability Passives for Miniature Medical Devices Based Upon Silicon Technologies
Laurent Dubos, Marketing and Sales Director, IPDiA

Session 4 - Breakout Discussion Groups

Group Reports on challenges, gaps and priorities
See Summary Report in Session 6 for this information

Dinner Speaker

The Biodesign Process - From Needs Finding to Commercialization
Dr. Rajiv Doshi, Executive Director, Stanford-India Biodesign

Session 5 - Medical Industry Segment Perspectives (EMS, Packaging, Assembly, Supply Chain) (Day 2 - May 5, 2011)

Case Studies – Medical EMS Technology Solutions
Gelston Howell, Sr. VP Medical Division, Sanmina-SCI

Medical Electronics Packaging Challenges/ Solutions
Susan Bagen, Sr. Field Applications Engineer, Endicott Interconnect Technologies

Manufacturing Challenges for the Medical Industry
George Westby, Director Advanced Process Laboratory; Director AREA Consortium; Universal Instruments Corporation

Supply Chain:
Medical Electronics – Supply Chain
Kevin Walker, General Manager, Sales & Technical Support, Micro Systems Technologies

Session 6 - Discussion Group Reports

Summary Report (this includes outcomes from breakout groups in Session 4)

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