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Why you should join

Organizations participate in iNEMI for several reasons. Perhaps the most compelling is to leverage their resources anywhere from 8X to 20x (depending on number of participants) on key projects and focus areas and to reduce their risk by bringing together some of the best technology experts in the industry.

Through the combined power of iNEMI's global membership, we offer the opportunity to efficiently drive technology development and deployment across the global supply chain.  Our proven methodology — which starts with roadmapping, followed by gap and need analysis — ensures that deployed solutions are timely and optimum for the common good of the industry. No single company or segment of the supply chain dictates the direction or the results.

By collaborating with other companies to address common industry problems, your company can reduce the resources required (both staffing and financial) for resolving an issue. No individual company has to pay for the entire effort and, at the same time, each company benefits from the capabilities and expertise of other participants.

Similarly, focusing the efforts of several companies on a single problem helps accelerate resolution and ensures technology readiness when your business requires it. It also helps reduce the risk of technology introduction by addressing reliability issues and building a base of qualified suppliers.

Companies also participate in iNEMI to:

  • Collaborate with their key customers (at multiple levels) and key suppliers.

  • Influence and help create industry-standard solutions that lead to competitive products.

  • Understand the direction of industry and the competitive landscape.

  • Understand and exploit new business opportunities.

  • Help influence innovation and research funding.

Types of Membership

There are two options for membership: Participating Members (for-profit organizations) and Affiliate Members (not-for-profit organizations). Any OEM or ODM/EMS provider, semiconductor manufacturer, substrate supplier, material supplier, equipment manufacturer, software vendor, industry consultant or other commercial organization can join iNEMI as a Participating Member. Each Participating Member has a representative on the iNEMI Council of Members, receives information about all iNEMI projects and programs, and can participate in any of the Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) or projects that are of interest to them. Participating Members pay annual membership fees based on corporate sales. For companies whose product lines go beyond the electronics industry (i.e. electronics is only a subset of their business), divisional or subsidiary memberships are allowed, with membership fees based on sales of only the electronics-related business.
Government agencies, national laboratories, industry associations and other consortia are eligible to join iNEMI as Affiliate Members with an annual membership fee of $10,000. Universities may become Affiliate Members for $5,000 a year.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on annual sales


SIZE (Annual Sales)



$0-5 million

5,000 USD


$5-10 million

10,000 USD


$10-100 million

15,000 USD


$100 million - 1 billion

25,000 USD 


$1-10 billion

40,000 USD 


$10-15 billion

55,000 USD 


$15+ billion

75,000 USD

Government Laboratory/National Lab


10,000 USD 

Industry Association/Consortium


10,000 USD 

Research Institute 


10,000 USD 

Academic Institution 


5,000 USD 

Join Now

Any company, organization, government agency, or academic institution that is part of the electronics industry supply chain can join iNEMI. If you need additional information about iNEMI please contact Shekhar Chandrashekhar, CEO, at +1 (984) 333-0819.  For a complete membership package, please contact Kaitlyn Turner at the iNEMI corporate office in Morrisville.

For immediate membership consideration, download the membership agreement/application and email the completed form to:

Legal Documents

Click here to see By-Laws, Membership Agreement, IP Policy and other documents.