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Join iNEMI


Through the combined power of iNEMI's global membership, we offer the opportunity to efficiently drive technology development and deployment across the global supply chain. Our proven methodology — which starts with roadmapping, followed by gap and need analysis — ensures that deployed solutions are timely and optimum for the common good of the industry.

Let us show you how iNEMI can help your organization. We have developed a calculator to determine your estimated ROI on iNEMI membership and participation. Download the calculator and input your organization's custom data to produce a personalized ROI.


Member Benefits

  • Leverage resources up to 20x on key projects and focus areas through collaboration with some of the best technology experts in the industry
  • Reduce your bottom line by leaning on the iNEMI work to help resolve issues
  • Influence and help create industry-standard solutions that lead to competitive products
  • Help accelerate innovation and ensure technology readiness for businesses
  • Reduce the risk of technology introduction by addressing reliability issues and building a base of qualified suppliers
  • Collaborate with key customers (at multiple levels) and key suppliers
  • Understand the direction of the industry and the competitive landscape
  • Understand and exploit new business opportunities


Types of Membership


There are two options for membership: Participating Members (for-profit organizations) and Affiliate Members (not-for-profit organizations).

1. Participating Members (for-profit organizations)

Any OEM or ODM/EMS provider, semiconductor manufacturer, substrate supplier, material supplier, equipment manufacturer, software vendor, industry consultant or other commercial organization can join iNEMI as a Participating Member. Participating Members pay annual membership fees based on corporate sales. For companies whose product lines go beyond the electronics industry (i.e. electronics is only a subset of their business), divisional or subsidiary memberships are allowed, with membership fees based on sales of only the electronics-related business.

2. Affiliate Members (not-for-profit organizations)

Government agencies, national laboratories, research institutes, industry associations and other consortia are also eligible to join iNEMI. Affiliate Members, other than universities, pay an annual membership fee of just $10,000. Universities may become Affiliate Members for $5,000 a year.

Both Membership Types Include:

  • Representation on the iNEMI Council of Members
  • Copies of the iNEMI Roadmap
  • Full access to iNEMI project information, including project reports, papers and presentations
  • Participation in any of the Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) or projects that are of interest to them
  • Access to all iNEMI industry outreach events

Review Legal Documents

For additional details, check out our rules of operation, policies regarding anti-trust and intellectual property, project management documents, and download our membership application.


Pricing Model


iNEMI Participating Organizations

Corporate Sales (Annual total, USD)             Annual Membership Fee 
Up to $5 million $5,000
$5-10 million $10,000
$10-100 million  $15,000
$100 million to $1 billion $25,000
$1-10 billion $40,000
$10-15 billion $55,000
More than $15 billion $75,000


iNEMI Affiliated Organizations

Type of Organizations Annual Membership Fee

Government Agency /
National Lab


Industry Association /

Research Institute $10,000
Academic Institution $5,000



Our Members


Interested In Becoming A Member? Learn More