Medical Reliability for MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors)




End-of-Project Webinar:  iNEMI Medical Reliability for MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) Project (March 31, 2010) (this presentation is for iNEMI members only).
"Failure Mechanisms, Acceptance Criteria and Accelerated Test Procedures for Electronic Components Used in Active Implantable Medical Devices:  Capacitors," presented at 2009 Medical Electronics Symposium, by Grady White (NIST) (Tempe, Arizona) (September 17, 2009).  Download abstract.
The goal of the project was to determine accelerated life test methods for long-term leakage and break-down failures of MLCCs.  The work is a continuation of Phase 1. Specific deliverables of Phase II include the following:
  • Creation of a test vehicle for use in long term life and accelerated testing of MLCC components
  • Design of test board
  • Fabrication of test vehicle
  • Population of test board with functional MLCCs
  • Creation of fixtures and test equipment cables and peripherals at NIST
  • Testing of DOE variables from Phase I at NIST Boulder Facility
  • Completion of screening experiments at NIST
  • Collection of data and data mining resulting failures for trends and insight
  • Failure analysis of test output "failures," as defined in Phase I
  • NIST to coordinate FA with Suppliers
  • Phase II Report
Statement of Work (Version 4.0, June 16, 2008)
Project Statement (Version 1.0, June 16, 2008)