Dr. Francis (Frank) Mullany, Director of Roadmapping


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Dr. Francis (Frank) Mullany came to iNEMI from a long career at Nokia Bell Labs, where he was most recently a research strategist in Bell Labs Research, working with lead researchers to define roadmaps, research strategy and technology marketing. His 20 years of managerial and technical experience spans a broad range of wireless and networking technologies, from RF hardware to network slicing, and from real-time machine-learning inference engines to end-to-end orchestration.

Frank joined Bell Labs in 1998, first with the Wireless Research Laboratory in the UK and then he helped establish Bell Labs Ireland in Dublin in 2004.  He built up and led the RF Antennas and Front-End Technologies department focusing on novel RF technologies and hardware.
In 2013, Frank established Bell Labs’ Internet of Things research program before moving to the CTO organization to lead the Network Compliance, Reliability, Security and Corporate Standards organization.  In 2015, he returned to Bell Labs Research to take up a research strategy role.

Frank was Alcatel-Lucent’s representative on EPoSS, the European smart system industry association, and was the editor for the telecommunications section of the EPoSS Strategic Research Agenda. He received B.E. and Ph.D. degrees in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin, National University of Ireland.