Presentations: iNEMI Optelectronics TIG Meeting at OFC/NFOEC

Anaheim, California
March 18, 2013


Introductions and iNEMI Overview
David Godlewski, iNEMI

Project Background and SOW “Development of Cleanliness Specification of Lens-Based Transceivers”
Tatiana Berdinskikh, Celestica International Inc.

Statement of Work for “Development of Cleanliness Specification for Lens-Based Connectors”
Tom Mitcheltree, USConec

Lens Devices and Cleanliness
Mark Marino, Juniper Networks

Preliminary Data from Synthetic Defect Measurements using a TOSA Device
Doug Wilson, Fiber QA

The Need for a Contrast Tool
Mark Marino, Juniper Networks

Controlled Contrast Test Target for MT Inspection System
Doug Wilson, Fiber QA; Mark Marino, Juniper Networks

BER Dependence on Connector Return Loss
Toshiaki Satake, USConec

iNEMI Roadmap Review
David Godlewski, iNEMI