iNEMI Optoelectronics TIG and Project Meeting Presentations at OFC 2015

Held at OFC 2015 Conference
Los Angeles, California
March 23, 2015

Introductions and iNEMI Overview
David Godlewski, iNEMI

Development of Cleanliness Specification for Expanded Beam Connectors Project
Tatiana Berdinskikh, Celestica International Inc. and Tom Mitcheltree, USConec

Optical Modeling for Contamination Effects in Transceivers Using ZEMAX
Christine Chen, Avago Technologies

The Effect of Dust on Lensed and Non-Lensed Connectors
Michael Kadar-Kallen, TE Connectivity

PSMC History and Status
Bob Pfahl, iNEMI

Introduction to IEC 86B Task Force Group on Scratch Recognition
Tatiana Berdinskikh, Celestica International Inc. and Jamie Chivers, DORC

Why Is Scratch Analysis So Difficult
Jamie Chivers, DORC

Effects of Video Noise on Defect Detection Repeatability
Doug Wilson, Fiber QA

Experiment of Measure Effect of Image Focus on Defect Detection and Measurement
Doug Wilson, Fiber QA

Fiber Endface Automated Inspection:  Some Proposals
Vitalina Rudyk, Sumix

Scratch vs RL
Matt Brown, JDSU

Crosstalk Performance of MTP/MPO Connectors for High Power Applications
Toshiaki Satake, USConec

Proposal to Standardize Evaluation and Criteria for "Contamination-Repellant" by Connector Insertion/Extraction
Satoshi Kaneyuki and Sho Kondo, TOTO

Update on Visual Inspection Requirement and Artifact
Dr. Yu Lu, Ton Bolhaar, Mike Gurreri, Broadband Network Solutions